Frequently Asked Questions

Spray tanning is the latest trend to hit the tanning industry!  A spray gun is used to administer a safe, all natural tanning solution to your skins top layer.  The active ingredient in sunless tanner is (dee-high-drox-ee-ac-eh-tone) or DHA .  It is the only ingredient approved by FDA and is made up of mostly water, sugar byproducts, aloe and vitamin E.  DHA is not absorbed into the body and poses no possibility of toxicity. There are no oils in the solution and it does not clog pores.

NO!  Spray tanning DOES NOT protect you from the sun  It is recommended that a sunscreen be use at any time you’re out into the sun.

Depending on the skin type, a tan will last 7-12 days.  Like a suntan, the sunless tan will  fade gradually, as your skin exfoliates.  However, you can help to extend the life of  your tan by using moisturizers daily. The less expensive lotions work better, as the more expensive lotions exfoliate the skin.

Tanning can be performed every 7 days if desired.  Spray tanning back to back on the same day, is not advised as it does not give the DHA time to set between tans.

Everyone’s skin type and color is unique.  A person will be tan after one session, but they may want an additional session to achieve a deeper shade of tan.  Once they reach the desired color they should be able to maintain it by tanning once a week.  Darker tanning solution is also available for a nominal cost.

Full body sessions take less than five minutes.  A facial takes less than a minute and the solution is dry within seconds.

YES, I have very satisfied customers who were formerly lily white and now are completely satisfied with their color after spray tanning.

No, this is an individual choice.  You can wear a bikini, swimsuit, G-string, bra and panties or be naked; it’s entirely up to you.  However, male clients must wear some form of undergarment.